Selling a Home in Southlake

Selling a Home in Southlake

Located just 30 minutes northwest of Dallas, Texas, lies the captivating lakeside community of Southlake. With its intriguing mix of tree-lined suburbs, pastoral fields filled with horses and cattle, golf courses, upscale real estate, and more, Southlake is truly a special community. Residents of the locale appreciate the mix of both upscale metropolitan amenities and rural living. For those who have never sold a residence in this wonderful community, divesting themselves of their most significant investment can present a challenge. We've compiled a list of what homeowners can expect as they transition to being first-time sellers of their luxury properties.

Prepare your home to sell

The initial phase in preparing your property involves interviewing and choosing a real estate agent to oversee the sale of your residence. This stage is arguably the most critical aspect of the home-selling process. Entrusting a real estate expert with the responsibility of selling such an investment can be likened to hiring a financial advisor. First-time sellers should thoroughly check on different agents to ensure they are entirely at ease with entrusting one person to handle the sale of such a substantial asset.

Talk to real estate agents

Interviewing several real estate agents will help ensure you'll be working with a specialist who is exceptionally experienced in managing the sale of a large-scale asset. As part of the interview process, you'll want to inquire about their total annual sales volume and how many years of experience they have as an upmarket real estate agent. Selecting a knowledgeable agent like Sharon Hodnett can be incredibly beneficial in your home-selling journey.

Communication is also crucial in the realtor-client relationship. It's essential to agree on the frequency and the modes of communication (text, email, or phone calls) your agent will use to keep you informed. Lastly, reviewing the testimonials section of each agent's website will provide valuable feedback on what actual clients think of a realtor. If other people have experienced phenomenal success working with a particular agent, it reflects well on their reputation and increases the likelihood that you'll have a similar positive experience.

Assess your property's value

Once you select the realtor with whom you'd like to partner, the next step is to determine how much your home is worth. Keep in mind that market conditions can have a substantial impact on the amount you can reasonably expect to receive as an offer. To begin, ask your real estate agent for a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA report lists what similar houses in your area have sold for recently. The analysis also provides an estimate of what you can expect to receive for your property. You can also hire an independent, state-certified appraiser to provide a full home appraisal. Remember that when a buyer extends an offer (unless they're paying in cash), their lender will require that your home receive an additional appraisal. Lenders require an appraisal to prevent them from extending a loan for a property worth significantly less.

Boost your property's value

If your home's appraisal and CMA figures could have been better, consider investing in home upgrades. Your realtor is an excellent resource to consult when determining which updates will give you the highest returns on your investment. Depending on the improvements you select, such as a new roof, hardwood flooring, or landscaping, you can increase your asking price substantially.

Professional staging

Even if a home is well-maintained and is expected to command an excellent sales price, seemingly minor issues can increase the time between when the house is listed and when a serious offer is made. You want your home to look spectacular to speed up the selling process. At the very least, this means decluttering, having your house undergo a professional cleaning, and staging your home. Professional stagers are wonderful resources for advice when you want to promote and highlight the unique features of your abode. Stagers can also suggest minor updates that will enhance the beauty of your house, such as new lighting fixtures, paint colors, and storage solutions.

Key components of the selling process

The realtor you select will manage the entire marketing strategy for your residence. They'll also list your house on the Multiple Listing Service, which means your property will receive nationwide attention from other real estate agents searching for estates for their clients. One of the crucial tasks your agent will implement is to ensure your home is photographed by someone who specializes in real estate photography. Displaying exceptional photos of your residence is one of the key steps in attracting attention from buyers, who are likely to pore over various beautiful images as they search for their dream home. A realtor will also schedule open houses and virtual tours to draw even more attention to your home's lovely features.

When you do receive a promising offer, your realtor can help you negotiate to reach an offer that's satisfactory to you. Throughout the entire process of selling your home, a proficient realtor will ensure you are consistently well-informed about each step, including any required actions on your part. On the day of closing, they will meet with both you and the buyers to ensure a seamless and efficient conclusion to the closing process.

Enlist help from the right real estate professional

Sharon Hodnett has earned a stellar reputation as one of Southlake's leading realtors. When it comes to selling a home in Southlake or one of its surrounding neighborhoods, homeowners can rest assured that their luxury property is managed by one of the premier agents in the business. If you'd like to learn more about Sharon and how she can help you receive a top-notch offer for your home, reach out to her today.

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